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The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations credits this novel with the first printed physical appearance from the phrase "There is no free of charge lunch",[15] although the phrase and its abbreviation significantly predate the novel.

As in Stranger in a wierd Land, a band of social revolutionaries kinds a secretive and hierarchical organization. During this respect, the revolution is more harking back to the Bolshevik Oct revolution than of the American, which similarity is reinforced because of the Russian taste in the dialect, as well as Russian position names like "Novy Leningrad".

It is actually suggested that the Western nations, which includes North The usa, are becoming corrupt and authoritarian, when Keeping on to the vestiges in the pre-war democratic idealism in propaganda and well-known tradition. China is portrayed as plainly and unabashedly despotic, but no a lot less technically State-of-the-art compared to the West. The Soviet Union seems to have comparatively tiny affect, While the Lunar Authority alone is portrayed as corrupt.

Leigh Kimmel of The Billion Light-Calendar year Bookshelf says which the novel is "the work of the man at the peak of his powers, confident in his abilities and within the editorial regard he enjoys, and thus no cost to acquire sizeable challenges in crafting a novel that could extend the boundaries on the style as they stood at time." She characterizes the novel as a departure from what had Beforehand been affiliated with science fiction. Kimmel cites Heinlein's “colloquial language .

Continuing Heinlein's speculation about unorthodox social and relatives structures, The Moon Is usually a Harsh Mistress introduces the thought of a "line marriage". Mannie is an element of a century-aged line relationship, whereby new spouses are launched by mutual consent at normal intervals to make sure that the marriage under no circumstances comes to an close. Divorce is exceptional, given that divorcing a partner needs a unanimous choice about the part of all of his wives.

Senior wives educate junior wives how to function the spouse and children, granting financial security and guaranteeing that the kids won't ever be orphaned. Small children usually marry outdoors the line marriage, while this is simply not an ironclad rule. Mannie's youngest spouse sporting activities the last name 'Davis-Davis', showing she was equally born and married into the road.

The Federated Nations on Earth send armies to damage the Lunar revolution, but these are vanquished, with great lack of everyday living, via the revolutionaries. The rumor is circulated that Mike's change-Moi Adam Selene was amid These killed, Therefore removing the necessity for him to look while in the flesh.

Greg Davis would be the Davis family's second rating partner, but may be the senior for all simple purposes as "Grandpaw Davis" has failing psychological faculties. Greg is often a preacher for an more info unspecified denomination.

General public feeling on this planet has grown to be fragmented, when on Luna the information of Mannie's arrest plus the make an effort to bribe him Using the appointment of himself as Warden have unified the Usually fractious Loonies.

The very first sixth of your ebook relates the discussions between the protagonists justifying and plotting the revolution; the subsequent quarter describes the yr-long revolution by itself.

Heinlein himself owned a little brass cannon, which he obtained before the nineteen sixties. For approximately 30 yrs, the firing of the brass cannon, or "signal gun", was a 4th of July custom in the Heinlein home. It is actually believed that this cannon was the inspiration for Heinlein's initial title for the operate which inevitably grew to become The Moon Is often a Harsh Mistress.

Professor de la Paz asks Mannie to assure that Luna adopts a flag consisting of a brass cannon more than a red bar on a black track record with stars, "a symbol for all fools who're so impractical as to Believe they are able to fight City Corridor". Prior to leaving politics, Mannie and Wyoh carry out his wish.

He did this For several years...but he was not getting forward in the world. So someday he Stop his job, drew out his price savings, purchased a brass cannon – and went into business enterprise for himself.[9]

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